Pregnant Woman vs. Cake . . . Who Will Win?

So, This looks pretty easy, right? A pregnant woman wants to make a birthday cake. Nothing so hard about that, right?



O.k.a.y . . . . So, pregnant women and baking apparently should have nothing to do with each other. Why did no one tell me this? I was trying to make a cake. Nothing so hard about that. Used to do it all the time. Well, ha ha . . . . no. First, I dumped two raw eggs on the floor, and stepped in them. Then I dumped one IN the toaster (yes, inside it, all the way). Great. So then I filled a bag with flour, thought it was closed, it wasn’t, and so dumped about a cup and a half on the floor beside the eggs. Okay. So then as my mixer was mixing, and I was trying to clean up the egg mess, my spatula jumped off the table, yes jumped, all by itself, with batter all over it, flinging it onto the window sill, the wall, and the floor. Whatever. I’ll get it in a minute. I tried to measure a cup of milk to add to my mix, and it somehow spilled all over the flour still on the floor. So my feet were covered in sticky egg and milk with a floury dusting. Lovely. But, triumphantly, my cake is now wonderfully baking in the oven, and the floor is mostly clean. The Toaster is, well, hopefully clean enough (how do you take those things apart?), and the the pregnant woman is sitting on the couch so she hopefully can do no more damage today. Wait . . . do I smell something burning???? 😉

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Our Little Baby Beall . . . :)

So we went to the midwife last week, and she gave us the cutest picture of our little baby. 🙂 Just thought I would share it. This is baby at just about exactly 9 weeks. I call him/her my “little gummy bear”. 🙂

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She is as Lovely as a Blooming Rose

She is as lovely as a blooming rose

And shines as bright as the morning sun

Her smile is beautiful to all who see

And her eyes sparkle like diamonds.


She is cherished by all she knows,

And her father is her God above.

She will not fall, e’en though all hell

Should endeavor to shake her love.


The trials come, and she is torn

Yet her love for God steady remains

The fight for joy is heartwrenching

Yet only joy will heal the pain.


But of course, she knows, her fight is fought

By God himself, who has ordained

The ending of this for her good.

By his might she is well sustained.


So lovely is her life of faith,

So humble, yet so glorious.

It shines above God’s brightest star,

And shall always be victorious.


What can I say to this lovely rose,

To comfort her as trials come?

Be steady and strong, and think not of

This earth, but of the Lord’s kingdom.


The winds of oppression shall not blow

Your lovely petals away, unless

The Lord decides that, for your good,

And His utmost glory, it is best.


Take comfort, trembling, shaking rose,

Comfort and peace are yours in Him.

Rest now, assured that he fights for you,

And the King of the universe will surely win.




 (For Trish, and for all the women in my life who have gone and continue to go through trials. May you be strengthened in the Lord’s strength, and may you bloom as beautifully in his grace today as the day he created new life in you. I love you all.)

©Laura Wingerd 2011


A Sturdy Rocker

A sturdy rocker, back and forth, back and forth,
Baby giggles, tiny hands and feet, goofy faces.
Warm blankets, soft voices, gentle singing,
Frilly pants, big hair bows, little dresses.
Sandy feet, frumpled hair and clothes, silly smiles,
Big imaginings, small happenings, girly giggles,
Summer evening baths on the porch, and bubbles.
Big hearts, little hands, lives forming and shaping.
School days, lots of reading, mind is shaping,
Write a story, paint a picture, play outside,
Autumn leaves, crisp and crinkly,
Staring out the window, mind a thousand worlds away.
Huge changes, many miles, distant friendships
Letters, new friends, growing pains, first crush,
Playing until dark all summer long,
Ice cream cones, climbing trees, silly stories
Awkward stage, lots of confusion, funny hair
Boys are weird, but somehow nice, feeling alone
Mom explains, didn’t want to know, don’t dare tell,
Best friends’ secrets, try to fit in, lost in a sea of people.
Figure forms . . . when did that happen? Not quite sure
So self-conscious, piano practice late into the night
Begin to wonder what life’s about, begin to try
To take it by the horns and ask it . . .
First day of college, awkward meetings, professor greetings,
New friends, try to fit in, try to look just right,
Late nights, homework again and again, caffeine high,
Finals staring me in the face, trying for the best.
God’s gentle whispers, prayer and much confusion
Long walks and talks with my best of friends,
Quiet nudging towards something impossible
But who says impossible to God? Not me.
Realization that I like him, not sure how I got to there,
Awkward confession, joy and blessing,
A new and different stage, to be sure
The kind of friendship that’s intentional, you know.
Long talks, long letters, many prayerful nights,
First time I realize that I’m in love with him
Pent up feelings, raw emotions, blushes,
Feeling like it’s forever, and yet just a moment of time
Birthday wishes, surprises, and best of all
A glittering new ring full of promises
Our first kiss, absolute bliss, and the countdown begins
Four months, can I do it? You bet I can.
The beautiful day, bright and crisp
Autumn’s glory, red and orange,
Swirling leaves and winding side roads
Big red barn and hay bales
A white dress, long and flowing
A filmy vale graces my head and shoulders
Flower bouquets, and beautiful bridesmaids
The moment I’ve dreamt of my whole life
Music swirling, people smiling,
Best friend waiting at the end
Praising God, my heart is swelling,
Think it might burst from all this joy inside
Vows and rings and all those things
A kiss to seal what’s spoken
Man and wife, a whole new life,
I smile, the outworking of my joyous heart.
God made me how he did for you,
And made you just for me
And I wouldn’t change one single thing,
For all my life, to be your wife, is my greatest gift of all.  
To Joshua
Laura Beth 🙂 
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I Got Married!!!! :)

Dear friends and readers (if there are any left),

It has been shamefully long since my last post, but I hope you all will excuse me as I had a good reason. . . I got married! 🙂

I hope to be posting more now, though. I’m on the couch a lot more lately as I found out for Christmas that I am going to have a baby in August! Been just a little sick, but supposedly that means the baby’s healthy, so, it’s a good thing they tell me. Could’ve fooled me. 😉

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Sophie Determines Musical Quality

So, our dog, Sophie, thinks she knows the difference between good music and bad music. It’s just too bad she doesn’t like my compositions. 😦 But then again, she doesn’t like Mozart, Bach, Beethoven or Shubert either. I guess I’m in good company.

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Be Like Christ

In our young ladies’ Bible Study Wednesday nights we have been studying through the book of Philippians. One of the striking themes throughout the book has been Paul showing a picture of Christ and urging/commanding/exhorting the believers to imitate that.

So much easier said than done! I often say and think that I want to live like Christ, I want to be like Christ in everything I do. But, do I really? It’s a tough question to ask. I mean, do I really want to give up everything as he did, be humiliated in front of the world like he was, die like he did? While my first thought is to say yes, of course, my second is to shrink in fear of the discomfort, the disgust, the harsh reality of such a life. But such a life is what I have been called to be willing to live for his sake. Not that I’ll necessarily die for his name, but that I will at least die bearing his image to my utmost.

Laura (my friend of similar name), who’s also in the Bible Study, sent us all a link to a short video of a message by Francis Chan. It’s a good, clear little summary of what we are to think, and what most people (including me in several ways) tend to think. The verse referenced is in 1 John, but the theme is still applicable. Watch it, and I hope you’re encouraged as I was to continue striving to be more and more like Christ. And realize just what all that phrase really means.